Live from the Mule Spinner – ARTISTS’ VIDEOS

In December 2019, the Mule Spinner brought together local and regional artists to celebrate the Mule Spinner as a unique and life-giving music venue and to support Over The Bridge. Hosted by Ginger St. James and Deeps, a live audience enjoyed a variety of musical and poetic original talent. This series of videos highlights select performances from that evening.

  • Production Lead — Steve Deeps
  • 1ST Camera – Sean Allman
  • 2nd Camera — Nathan McCrory
  • Editing — Steve Deeps, John Kirby
  • Sound — Matt Montour, Steve Deeps, Glen Marshall
  • Graphics — Danielle Donville

Performances by:

  • The Brennagh Burns Band
  • The Trainwreck Two
  • Alfie Smith
  • James Gray
  • Jesse Parent
  • Bryce Clifford
  • Cory Mercer
  • The New Rebel Westerners
  • Deeps
  • & More